Peter Owen


Peter Owen

NEW:Seamus and Peter have a new band, Zuiiza, who have just dropped their first single (November 2014).

Drums, Vocals

Since the “days of reckoning” Pete initially returned to the University of Adelaide and completed a Law Degree with majors in Environmental and International Law…following his passion for the protection of the environment and his undergraduate studies in Environmental Management.

He worked as a lawyer for the Environmental Defenders Office in South Australia before deciding to focus his efforts on environmental politics, advocacy and campaigning.

Whilst lobbying Australia’s politicians and policy makers to put the environment before the economy, he has also released a self titled album…owen…and had a number of photographic exhibitions. He is planning a new music project with Seamus, to commence in 2010.

Pete is currently Campaign Manager for The Wilderness Society, a major Environmental NGO in Australia.

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