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You can download all 3 of Reckoning’s mini-albums at once for $13 or individually for $5 each.

Reckoning Mini-Album 3-pack

All 3 of reckoning’s CD releases (as per below) as mp3 downloads. Includes: “The Future Is Stupid”, Weird Kids” and “Symbiotic Sounds”. Plus cover art, several photos and lyrics.

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Reckoning - the Future is Stupid

Reckoning – the Future is Stupid

The Future Is Stupid

The first Reckoning CD, 6 tracks. Launched with youthful zeal, an (accidentally) smashed bass, and mildly dysfunctional pyrotechnics at the Lion Arts Bar on 2nd Sept 1995. Track listing:

1 – I Am A Levitating Band-Aid, 2 – Vibed!, 3 – Naked, 4 – Eve, 5 – Valentine’s Day, 6 – the Future Is Stupid

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weird kids reckoning

“Weird Kids” by reckoning

Weird Kids

The second mini-album, released on the 5th of July, 1996 to a capacity house at Adelaide Uni Bar. This was the time where we were riding high on local popularity and were apparently about to become the next U2.

Tracks: 1 – Weird Kids, 2 – I Am Stone, 3 – Armadillo, 4 – Skylab, 5 – Gravity, 6 – I Am Stone (acoustic)

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"Symbiotic Sounds of..." reckoning

“Symbiotic Sounds of…” reckoning


Symbiotic Sounds

The third CD, this one released to a full Uni Bar. This was the band’s swansong after five awesome years of hard work, music and partying.
Tracks: 1 – BongdamongGong, 2 – Come Back Susanne, 3 – Flying Saucer, 4 – A Little White Fluffy Cloud, 5 – Candle.

The actual disc had a further 15 demos and acoustic tracks on it but it takes a while to upload/download that much so I will offer these soon in separate packages I think. Enjoy!

Price: $5 (immediate download mp3s)

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