NEW:Seamus and Peter have a new band, Zuiiza, who have just dropped their first single (November 2014).

Vocals, Bass

After Reckoning imploded, Seamus went back to Melbourne where he proceeded to party his arse off.

This was no great loss as he never had much of an arse to start with, and consequently he still happily lives it up there.

He joined the band Quill, a hippy funk act, then after that party was over, he devoted himself to the art of writing the perfect acoustic song.

He has never stopped writing songs or gigging, although he has often kept a low profile – a folk-ninja, if you will.

Recently he has re-devoted himself to his music, and to actually promoting it. With ex-reckoning drummer, Peter Owen, he will be releasing a full length album under the band name Zuiiza in November 2014 (first single “Neon Forest” out now). He also fronts new band Creatures from the Bog, and is often to be caught gigging around Melbourne, and occasionally Adelaide, with Creatures from the Bog or solo.

Listen to and/or download some of Seamus’s latest music free via