Reckoning Rip It Up

Ha ha – the day the Reckoning Rip It Up cover story hit the streets I was on such an ego high. I remember walking up Rundle St, peeking at all the fresh piles of magazines in the shops, getting a new buzz of butterflies in my belly for each stack as I sauntered past, doing my best to appear disinterested it all (yeah right).


This is a scan of one I had stuffed in various boxes and filing cabinets for the last 15 years. It’s a bit stuffed but somebody (thanks Jayne) sent me one recently in remarkably good nick which I might frame so I can peek at it until the day I die whilst still pretending not to care about it.

God I am a sad fuck ;-P

By way of redemption from stuck-in-the-past old loser, I am quite pleased to mention that me, Peter Owen (reckoning drummer) & our bestest buddy Tony’s new band Zuiiza is still coming along very well, if a little slowly due to us not all living in the same geographic locale. We recorded some new tunes this month (March 11) and these should see the light of day in a month or three. It’s all quite Reckoningish actually, which is not surprising given that Zuiiza consists of 2/3rds of reckoning.