Peter and Seamus record again!

Me (Seamus) and Peter Owen go in to the studio with a couple of other lads to start jamming/recording this weekend. Very excited about this; the true beginning of the first serious work we have done together since reckoning days (although we’ve done a few casual gigs and jam here and there together over the years). It won’t be called Reckoning, but it will hark back to the sound as it will feature the double vocals, plus the big drums of Pete and generally we are keen on a big sonic sound.

What fun!

Meanwhile here’s a photo of the reckoning demo cassettes that Ian, an old friend of the band who used to be quite a regular supporter from the get-go, sent in, plus he has sent in a recording of the intro from Richard Kingsmill of triple J introducing the band’s live in the J studios – click here to listen. Apparently he has more stuff yet to come – quite the archivist! Thanks Ian!