Reckoning Advertiser Article Clipping

I am quite happy to report that this website has managed to bring in a fair bit of goodwill and memorabilia of the old Reckoning days, so much so that I have felt a little overwhelmed about what to post first, but in the spirit of random action – here we go (goes off to find something postable)


Ah yes, the first Advertiser pic, back when we woz dorks. I nabbed this from me Mum’s pin up board (figured I’d better scan it before it crumbled away altogether). Not sure what she did with article, but then, bless her, she was never exactly our biggest fan, I think she only made it to one gig – ah well, at least it was the Weird Kids CD launch.

This of course was well before Weird Kids, or the Future Is Stupid for that matter – and at that time we were desperate for attention as we were the uncool kids from the outer suburbs. So to say that we were happy when we scored this back page of the Advertiser’s entertainment guide would be an understatement (never mind that every other band who asked pretty much got it too back then). I remember boasting to a guy called Tony, who’s surname I forget, who was the manager of the the Jaynes at the time, and he told us gently that we should not expect the article to result in a full house at our next show. He was right, back then we were playing to our mates and the bar staff.

Note: Stanley the Elephant – our plastic mascot fantastic – front n’ center. Wonder what happened to him? Hopefully Matt still has him on a shelf somewhere…