Reckoning Sunday Mail Article

I think this was in the Sunday Mail anyway… could be wrong. Click on it to see a readable version.


How’s that head of hair on Pete! Grrrow! What a lion! And of course this provides proof to the rumour that I was, in my youth, silly enough to wear pigtails. For some reason the girls seemed to like it, I never understood why but I was happy to roll with it for a while.

As for print interviews – I must say I always hated them because things you say off-the-cuff get printed and suddenly come across sounding naive and conceited. I guess it pays to remember we were only about 22 and terribly excited about all the attention we were getting. This is actually not the worst example, there are other articles to be posted that I am afraid to say, make the current-me utterly cringe – but such is life:

O gifted men, vainglorious for first place,
how short a time the laurel crown stays green
A breath of wind is all there is to fame
here upon earth: it blows this way and that,
and when it changes quarter it changes name.


I don’t really read things like Dante, I should point out. I just randomly came across this quote and it made me think of the experience of being in Reckoning; how we enjoyed our time in the sun before watching the whole thing nose-dive. This was entirely our own fault, I should add, or at least I think so. It has long been my opinion that if – instead of impatiently imploding – we had taken a long holiday and then returned and persevered we could have built on what we had.

But you know, “should have, would have, could have” and now, as I see the great work Matt Swayne has done in the years since, and as Peter Owen and I start our new band now in 2010, I am sure beyond doubt that it’s all a beautiful thing.